D e p t a r t m e n t   o f  H e a l t h


The Department of Health's Information Services Directorate has directly employed Daemon consultants since 1989, and since 1991 Daemon has been a principal source of technical consultancy for their IT work. Since 1993 Daemon and YACC working as a consortium have worked for the Department via its IT/IS Consultancy Services Framework Contract.

YACC/Daemon has made a significant contribution to the Department's IT strategy in the following areas:

Strategic Infrastructure Design   Daemon were involved in the early design stages of the Department's OIS (Office Information System) network. In 1995 the Department introduced remote access to the network, and engaged Daemon to handle all technical aspects of the project. In 1997, Daemon provided QA consultancy to the Departmental Team working on the implementation of an upgrade to OIS II to a 32-bit environment.

Application Development   Daemon have developed a number of applications for the Department, including an on-line telephone book (SLD), an electronic viewer for the Department's Distribution of Business document (DOB), and more specialist applications in use by Finance and other Departments. Daemon have on-going support agreements with the Department for the applications they have written.

Quality Assurance   Daemon has been used throughout its time at the DOH to carry out various QA tasks, notably the studies on technical architecture for advancing OIS. In the early days of OIS, Daemon was used to quality-approve the core OIS configuration guide which has underpinned all OIS implementation and change control work done by the support services within ISD.