Department of Social Security


Daemon has been working with DSS since 1993, helping carry out a series of projects for DSS, BA, and its IT services providers ITSA and SEMA. These jobs have included:

QA Study of LAN at Adelphi and CSA   Daemon were recommended to the DSS/ITSA by Computacenter Plc to carry out a quality assurance study of DSS's newly-installed LAN on their Headquarters site in the Adelphi (to be the platform for the strategic "Assist" project). This comprised about 1500 workstations running MS Windows for Workgroups on Novell Netware 3.11 fileservers. This network was a relatively ambitious project and had some teething troubles which Daemon were able to pinpoint. Daemon attributed this to various aspects of the basic system design and were able to advise on how best to retrofit modifications to that design. Daemon's advice was accepted and implemented to the effect that the network is now considerably more stable.

Following this, Daemon have been re-engaged to supply additional advice on aspects of LAN design in the DSS.

Email Study    In 1995 Daemon consultants were employed to conduct this study on the basis of their expertise in X.400 systems. The aim was to analyse certain Email delivery problems that were being experienced with the Route 400 delivery system. This was a high profile project, dealing with a very complex email system with over 30 MTAs processing a high volume of traffic. As a result of the study the DSS were able to make significant improvements to the efficiency and reliability of their email delivery.

SLD and DOB    Daemon has modified and implemented its Staff Location Directory (SLD) and Directory of Business (DOB) systems for DSS. This system was based on what the Department of Health had installed but has been changed to operate over the larger and more distributed DSS estate of 15 thousand users.