Daemon has had a long relationship with  Xerox dating back to the mid-80's and has developed a number of strategic applications for the company. This has including a salesman tracking system and a help desk management system. Both these run on either networked PCs or Unix systems. A feature of these applications are the provision of a programmatic interface to an IBM mainframe and Oracle databses so that customer data can be linked to the coporate information base.

The help desk management system, known as the "Customer Liaison Unit Enquiry System" (or "CLUES") has been used by all Xerox eurpoean operating companie.

The system is PC based and designed to provide both database and word processing functions. The latest version has an artificial intelligence analyser to links between problems and solutions. It has proved very successful and popular with users and managers at Xerox.

Daemon provides a full support package to Xerox for this application. This includes the provision of hot line telephone support, system upgrades, the maintenance of reference software at Daemon's site together with an 'escrow' agreement on the software. The IBM mainframe interface developed by Daemon is also licensed to and used by other companies including Barclays Bank and BMW UK.

Currently Daemon is assisting Xerox by providing consultancy on its migration from centralised Unix based systems to 'rightsized' systems based on Unix and PC networks. This work focuses on the application of client-server architecture in implementing Xerox's mission-critical database systems.