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E n g i n e e r i n g  S e r v i c e s


1990 to present

Xerox Engineering Services (XES), incorporated by the take-over of Versatec Inc. by Xerox Corporation, build and market various types of plotters. Their European headquarters in the UK is at Newbury, and looks after a European workforce of about 2000. The UK operating company has a workforce of about 600.

XES employed Andersons Consultants to design and implement an Oracle based accounting system to be used by all their European operating companies. This system operates under Unix in client-server mode, using Sun servers and DOS workstations. The pilot system was implemented in the UK on an Ethernet LAN which serving 8 and about 300 PCs. The UK system is to be a model for the system to be installed throughout Europe.

During the pilot stages of the Oracle system, XES experienced some problems at a network level. These concerned performance, capacity planning and security issues. XES employed Daemon Consultants as network specialists to analyse and make recommendations on the LAN and WAN. The project lasted about 2 months in which time the network was fully tested and a complete report was prepared describing the main problems and solutions that could be applied. The report also helped XES management draw up End User Service agreements which allowed the provision of network services to be more accountable.

XES also purchased from Daemon the "CLUES" Query Management System and installed it world-wide. This is a generally successful implementation of a standard package from Daemon. Daemon also modified their software to order, replacing the IBM mainframe references with Oracle client-server references so that the software could be used with their new accounting system.

Daemon were retained as consultants to XES networking team and asked to assist with Europe-wide implementations.