Daemon represents a team of more than twenty staff, with a mix of technical consultants, development and support engineers and administrative support staff. Daemon's consultancy staff include some of the most highly rated technical specialists, with acknowledged skills in network and system design and implementation.

The company also employs sub-contractors for specific tasks as needed, and has an excellent network of colleagues and industry relationships to draw on.

YACC Labs is a sister organisation to Daemon Ltd. The two work closely together and with other partner organisations. This gives them access to a wide range of resources and expertise which can be shared with clients.


S t r a t e g i c   C o n s u l t a n c y 

Our strategic design and consultancy work is focused on helping large organisations obtain the maximum from their network designs.

Our senior technical consultants have a wealth of experience of designing entire network systems, from low level local and wide area networks, including the implementation of the desktop environment and the installation of client-server applications.

Previous jobs have included strategy advice, design, QA, and trouble shooting work for government and large commercial organisations. The deliverables for this type of work will include research into technical options, preparation and delivery of study reports, presentation of strategies to senior management and so on.



C o m p a n y   S k i l l s   a n d   E x p e r t i s e
From the outset Daemon have been dedicated to achieving the highest possible level of quality and expertise within their area of the industry. The senior consultants are very experienced staff, each with more than 15 years in the industry behind them. In most cases most of this time will have been spent working with the 'prime movers' in the industry, (such as Intel, IBM, HP, Sun and Compaq, and so on).

Daemon's special interest is in respect of LAN and WAN design, network operating systems, client-server applications, and the use of Internet and Intranet technologies. They share the increasingly common industry belief that network and system design is evolving rapidly towards the Intranet standard where 'thin client, three tier' technology will come to dominate. It is in support of that end that Daemon are tuning their skills.

Daemon's complementary skills enables its consultants to have an in-depth knowledge of products and systems in the market based on development input as well as general industry knowledge. This helps ensure that our consultants have their feet firmly rooted on the ground and are not misled by hype and over enthusiasm which is so common within the industry.



S u b - C o n t r a c t e d   S t a f f
Daemon is not a recruitment agency, however, we do act as a sub-contractor resource centre for several of our clients.

Most computing recruitment agencies act as agencies for their stock of personnel and offer very little qualification of staff skill. They also typically charge a significant fee for this service. We have a different approach: since we are active in the IT industry we have built up a large network of contacts, both on the customer and contractor sides. We can perform a useful service introducing one to the other and administering the contract during its duration. Because we do not have the advertising costs associated with a recruitment personnel agency, our charges can be very small above the fee that is paid to the contractor.

In addition to this 'introduction service', we validate any contractor that we refer to one of our clients to ensure that the credentials they espouse is correct. We apply the same yardsticks to their skillsets as we do for our indigenous staff. We also support any contractor we place with a client with a 'technical backup' capability. This usually takes the form of providing technical backup to resolve problems they encounter, using our combined in-house skillset and/or reference to the existing support relationships we have with the big manufacturers, (we have support agreements in place with Intel, Microsoft, Novell, Sun and most recently, Corel).